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Spring Updates 2021

It is hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will be heading north to the fishing grounds in Bristol Bay. Preparations are in high gear. In fact, our nets will be in the water next month! But we are very ready to see those shimmering salmon again. We ran out of fillets very early last year, so our goal is to bring back home even more this year.

Along with the approaching annual salmon run, we are also starting our annual Spring Pre-Order! This is the best time to reserve your wild salmon to last you and your family the whole year. It is a fact that the world’s available salmon supply is at its lowest in decades and prices are rising each day. This is largely due to the global high demand and the failures of fish farms. But we are so thankful that we can offer our wild catch straight to our customers at the same great value as last year. That’s the beauty of direct marketing: We as the fisherman aren’t reliant on foreign wholesale markets and you, the consumer, aren’t walking the aisles at the grocery store searching extensively for a decent looking piece of “wild” salmon. When you reserve your catch from us, you know exactly where your salmon came from, who caught it, how it was handled and that it was a great value. We love our fish and we appreciate our customers greatly. To be able to connect the two, for our livelihood, is truly a gift that we take seriously!

We have been working on putting together an awesome fishing crew along with processing crew. Many of whom we have had the pleasure of working with last year along with a few new brave souls. These guys and gals have become passionate about salmon. They have learned how to pick fish from the net without bruising, the importance of immediate and constant icing, along with skilled knifework for filleting and trimming. Even though it can be a very exciting but demanding season, it is fun to see young people step up to the plate to give their best.

If you have ordered salmon shares with us before, thank you. It is a joy to see the repeat orders year after year. If you are considering ordering a share for the first time, please contact us with any questions. We would jump at the opportunity to explain to you further why this fish is the best of the best coming out of Alaska.

We won’t be shy in asking for prayers for safety and success for our crew and our family as we head north. Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you all for salmon drop offs.

-Kevin and Stephanie Schmidt & Family

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