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Spring Fever and Salmon Burgers

It has been a long winter here in Minnesota and the necessary recent business shut downs and stay at home orders over the last several weeks hasn't made it any better. But at last, there are signs of new life popping up everywhere. Birds chirping, buds budding, mud mucking and the sun that rises earlier and earlier each morning. Spring has sprung and summer is near! We are also on the verge of another yearly happening- Salmon. Right at this moment more than 50 million sockeye salmon are headed towards Bristol Bay, Alaska. Back to their spawning grounds that they came from to start their cycle all over again. This great force of fish will not be held up, not even by a pandemic. Also headed to Bristol Bay will be thousands of fisherman and seasonal workers. There are already numerous people coming together from every sector of the fishing industry to make this season happen and to ensure safety for all. There are brilliant minds at work, and a fishing community that is fighting for the livelihoods of families and the love of salmon. These great efforts are going to be very evident and a sight to behold when we step off the planes in King Salmon, Alaska in June. It is impossible to know what this year's salmon season has in store but we have faith that it will bring the fishing industry closer, in an acceptable socially distanced sort of way, of course! And that our beloved salmon will be abundant! And most importantly, that everyone involved will stay healthy and be able to put food on their tables for another year.

On a lighter note, we have been spending some time lately trying to figure out how to provide our "salmon family" with wild salmon in every best way possible. One thing that keeps coming to mind and a question that we frequently get is about salmon burger. Sometimes we have had it and other times not. But we are happy to say that we are bringing plenty back this summer so everyone can try it. Salmon burger is like hamburger's sister of the sea. After the fillets are cut off of a salmon, there is still some nice pieces of meat left. So we gather this into convenient 1 pound vacuum sealed packages. It is a wonderful, cost effective alternative and can be used in recipes such as salmon burgers/patties, salmon tacos, quiches, etc. Below is a recipe for our favorite salmon burgers. They are delicious, fast and easy. And best of all, children love them!

We hope to use this page as a place to educate about wild salmon and commercial fishing, to share fish stories and for you to get to know us, YOUR FISHERMAN!

Wild Sockeye Salmon Burgers

1 lb. Salmon Burger, thawed

1/2 Small, diced onion or 1/4 C. Green Onion, diced

1 Egg

1 C. Bread Crumbs or Panko Crumbs

1/2 C. Mayonnaise

Dash of fresh/dried Dill

Salt & Pepper to taste

Squeeze of a lemon

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Form into desired sized patties. Lightly fry on medium in a skillet with a dash of oil(we prefer avocado oil.) Cook on each side for a couple minutes until cooked through. Serve with mayo or tarter sauce and on a bun or by itself. Enjoy.

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